Blatt, Hasenmiller, Leibsker & Moore, LLC

Blatt, Hasenmiller, Leibsker & Moore (BHLM) was founded in 1974 as the successor firm to the practice of William S. Blatt (1924-1974). Since 1960 the firm has focused its attention on creditor rights, initially concentrating on local banks and retailers. Since 1974 the firm has expanded the scope of its practice in all respects, including size of staff, number of cases and clients, and areas of expertise. At present, the firm supports a staff of 21 attorneys and more than 150 support personnel, which includes; telephone collectors, investigators, legal assistants, bankruptcy specialists, data processing and administrative/clerical personnel. The firm represents clients in all types of consumer collection matters, both in a pre-legal collection capacity and through suit, judgment and execution.

The firm is well equipped to handle and welcomes cases involving all creditor issues, whether they be commercial or consumer in origin. The firm is prepared to litigate as necessary throughout the northern and central counties in Illinois through the Chicago and Normal Illinois offices. The firm also has offices in Indiana, Michigan, Arizona, and Pennsylvania to handle cases in those states.

The firm can accept claims via paper, magnetic and optical media or electronic transmission, and can report to its clients in the same manner. The firm accepts placements from several attorney networks including National Attorney Network (NAN), YouveGotClaims (YGC), and National Collection Attorney Network (NCAN).

The firm or members of the firm belong to many organizations to keep current in the industry including, National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA), American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI), Illinois Creditors Bar Association, American Collectors Association (ACA).